Hacking into Nigerian Banks is Very Easy

You all need to be careful of fake bank alerts before you conclude any business services. Scam is on the rise. Read this story culled from Vanguardngr.

A medical doctor turned international hacker, who has been on the Police wanted list, Michael Thompson Williams, has been arrested by the Lagos State Police Command.

Michael, who boasted of his escapades as a hacker, took a swipe at the Nigerian banking system, describing it as the easiest to hack, including government-owned account.

bank alerts
One of Michael Thompson’s Car

The 28-year-old suspect mentioned an American leading Hollywood actor, John Travolta, as one of his prey, revealing that his (Travolta) account was being monitored through a programmed device, where cash running into millions of US dollars were diverted weekly.

During preliminary investigation, it was discovered that the suspect, who has mastery of the cyber café environment, created credit cards of deceased foreigners through cyber Ghost 12.

When the credit cards matures, it would be funded through a hacked Swiss account and then any transaction done by genuine accounts owner through Swiss account would be manipulated by the suspect and wired to his contrived credit card.

Lagos State Commissioner of Police, Imohimi Edgal, paraded the suspect before journalists yesterday. After a successful transaction, the suspect as gathered would buy posh cars, sending fake bank alerts to the owners.

The bubble burst in March after he bought a Porche car worth N28 million from a car dealer in Lagos and sent him a fake alert before making away with the car.

However, on getting to the bank to collect the money, the car dealer, Abidogun Adewale, discovered to his shock that no amount was paid. Asked how that was possible, the suspect said he used HTTPtunnel.com to send such fake alert.

He disclosed that during such payment, the amount would appear on the seller’s account at that moment, even if he visited his bank to confirm the payment, adding that it would disappear after one hour.

Three of the vehicles he bought through such process were traced to Asaba, Delta State, and Owerri, Imo State. The number plates on the three vehicles read HRM OGUEZI 1, II and III, respectively.

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23 thoughts on “Hacking into Nigerian Banks is Very Easy”

  1. See criminal. Atleast his has matured. All these novices amature wannabe hackers that send SMS that your ATM has blocked. They need to be slapped to receive sense.

  2. If he can hack Travolta’s account and accounts in Switzerland, he shouldn’t berate only Nigerian banks. Banking security needs to improve globally. Also, account holders should learn more on how to secure their account. Yesterday, a lady was screaming on Twitter that all her savings at GTB have “disappeared”. Bank still looking into it.

  3. Most of those claims are absolute false. Httptunnel and Cyberghost are anonymous proxy and VPN service providers respectively. What’s the dude even saying sef, money appears in a bank account even when u go to the bank to check then disappears 1hr later lol.

  4. We ought to be careful about our bank details, some people are not smiling when it comes to scaming people to their last penny

  5. In a saner clime this guy would be recruited to the cyber crime division of their police force or other related agencies to help them.

  6. I got a mail sometime ago, tell me to change my online banking login details. Only issue was that I don’t with the said bank. Even if I did, I would never click on any such links

  7. And the alert will deliver as if it is from the bank cause it will add to your previous balance,,, Be careful of any transaction like that

  8. I never believe a money entering account and later disappear within 1hr that’s a false story
    And again no matter how you’re careful it it will happen it will surely happen,
    Believe me the best thing is not to operate your account online.
    For the bank alert sms before don’t look ? at the sms very well, they can’t know the amount you have in your account, so they can tell you the main balance, they will only tell you 75,000 alert.
    Any we should just try and watch and ready well before we conducted the message is from banknor the sms is from bank.
    When you operate online it’s hard to hide, hacking your email can lead to emptying your bank account.
    Stealing your phone can also lead to empty account.
    Exposing your 16 digit ATM number can lead to empty account.
    That’s why I have 2 account number and 1 has never been activated for online activities, all the transaction will be to walk into bank, the second one is for online transaction and I don’t pack all my golden egg in the account.
    Just try and secure your self.
    Though our bank might be creepy but most of the time its customer negligence that cause the act to happen.
    Let us all be wise and secure our self
    Secure your phone
    Secure your email
    Secure your card ( do not expose the number)
    Secure your online access
    And the last don’t expose your BVN


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