MultiChoice DStv lost 431,000 Premium Subscribers

It appears premium subscribers on DStv are gradually leaving the platform. MultiChoice South Africa revealed in June that it had lost many DStv Premium subscribers during the past financial year due to increased competition from Netflix.

Accroding to why Mybroadband reported, DStv Premium subscribers across the pay-TV operator’s markets in Africa have been declining for the past three years.

MultiChoice dstv

Naspers’ annual results for the year ended 31 March 2018 showed that DStv lost 41,000 Premium subscribers.

2016/2017, they lost 135,000 DStv Premium subscribers.

Between April 2015  – March 2016 they lost 255,000 premium subscribers.

However, Its overall subscriber base continues to grow, but most of this growth comes from lower-end subscribers.

The graph below shows  DStv Premium subscriber numbers for the whole MultiChoice Group since 2012. And from 2015, Premium subscribers base began to drop.

MultiChoice dstv
Image Credit: Mybroadband – Dstv Premium subscribers decline 2015 – 2018

Beginning from 31st of October 2018, Channel 127 and 128 (Sony Entertainment TV and Sony Max) will be removed, and subscribers are not happy about it.

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33 thoughts on “MultiChoice DStv lost 431,000 Premium Subscribers”

  1. they should really draw up a plan that will bring people back cause the premium subscribers brings substantial cheddah to their pockets

  2. Most of their programs are repetitive, now we have better options everywhere – Netflix, android tv and many more which offers unlimited channels. 5G is coming next year which is going to make streaming a breeze. They won’t recover from this if they are not going to to act now.

  3. Nigeria government is the cause of all this things, they don’t have price control ,honestly if I have opportunity to be ontop government , MTN and DSTV we leave Nigeria as soon as I go in to seat I don’t know what they took Naija for .

  4. Yes,they will surely loose all their premium surbcribers without showing some important football competitions like europa cup, FA cup,carabao cup and so on

  5. What’s TStv is doing in hitting the city big since October last year? That’s why good for nothing DStv is exploring Nigerians.


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