SoftTalk Messenger, Nigeria owned Messaging App to Dust WhatsApp Out of Existence

Just like the way WeChat dominated China, SoftTalk messenger is about to be launched in Nigeria that will completely dust WhatsApp out of existence in the country.

The app, which is in the likes of WhatsApp, would help to solve local problems and create job opportunities in the country.

softtalk messenger

SoftTalk is an indigenous messaging application, which enables users to chat, make audio and video calls, unrestricted numbers of group chats as well shop for affordable and genuine products.

According to the Founder, and Chief Executive Officer, Prime Time Telecoms, a telecoms Service provider based in Japan, Simple Azenabor,

“We do so much than messaging, we want to empower and improve on the way messaging is done today, by giving access to users to shop, while Soft chatting and Soft talking at the same time.

“We are not in SoftTalk for revenue purposes, we are in it to solve a bigger problem and create employment in the country.”

As to whether the app will be able to withstand the strong competition posed by WhatsApp is another matter entirely.

SoftTalk Messenger

The app is slated for a public launch in Lagos, Nigeria’s commercial capital in the next fortnight, and invites are already being sent out.

The question is will softTalk messenger give Nigerians something simpler and better to use than WhatsApp?

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22 thoughts on “SoftTalk Messenger, Nigeria owned Messaging App to Dust WhatsApp Out of Existence”

  1. Nigeria app to dust what’sapp, that will be a good try sha. Let’s see. I’ll will download and test.. Thumbs up to the Nigerian developers

  2. honestly if dis soft messenger can do exactly or more dan whatsapp, this will be a good development and as much will make more nigerians embrace our own designed app.

  3. They will come with the idea of Nigerian owned. As patriotic citizens we will be clamoring for them only for them to come and fall our hand. What TSTV did is still burning me. I’m no longer putting too much mind in any Nigerian owned innovations. I’ll just be observing, if it comes good, fine. If it doesn’t, i won’t be surprised.

  4. Unless it can do what it promised
    Like creating job opportunities
    Other than that I don’t think it can dust Whatsapp out

  5. I hope the app will do exactly all what they said it will do and stand the test of time. Let’s just wait and see if it can really dust WhatsApp

  6. Nice initiative. But it wont be easy for them to dust out whatsapp just like that. Anyways lets watch and see


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