WhatsApp Updates: Vacation Mode, Silent Mode and Linked Account

While we are still waiting for WhatsApp Dark Mode to be announced, the popular messaging app is working on Linked account features, Vacation Mode and Silent Mode; soon to be rolled out.

Vacation Mode

Vacation Mode is still in development and is based on the Silent Mode. When it’s enabled, Vacation Mode will prevent archived chat sessions from becoming active again once a new message is received.

Vacation mode

Once it’s enabled from your WhatsApp Notification Settings, archived chats won’t be un-archived if you have previously muted them!

The Vacation mode is also useful if you don’t want a specific chat in your Chats List: if you mute and archive it, you will never see it again, except if you view your Archived Chats.

Silent Mode

Silent Mode allows you to hide the app badge for muted chats which is already enabled for everyone. Apparently, Silent Mode is enabled by default, so there’s no option in the Settings menu that you need to activate.

Linked Accounts

Linked Accounts will allow users to link their Instagram and WhatsApp accounts. However, we still don’t know what’s the purpose of this feature but it may allow you to recover your Facebook/Instagram account using WhatsApp and will allow you to automatically share your status updates in Instagram

Once available, the linked account option will be located under your profile settings.

We await the updates to be rolled soon.


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21 thoughts on “WhatsApp Updates: Vacation Mode, Silent Mode and Linked Account”

  1. I haven’t seen the swipe to reply feature yet sef.. Apart from linked accts, i dont understand any other new feature talked about here.

  2. Am really not happy with them these days.they continued to log me out and ban my profile.

    pls prof what can I do to stop the recurrence of such.

  3. still looking forward to that period when whatsapp will also be available as a web-base app where one can access chat platform with/without smart phone. Just long in from anywhere, and u r back online!


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