Unsend Feature Coming to Facebook Messenger

If you are actively using Facebook Messenger, you’ll soon be able to “Unsend” sent messages. Earlier in April, it was teased by Facebook Founder Mark and promised to roll it to all users… 90 days has passed and the feature still haven’t rolled out.

There are times that you regret you said something over a Messenger conversation, but the app doesn’t allow you to take back your words, so you have to live with it.

However, it a user reported that the new “Unsend” message feature is in work and soonest users will get it.

The implementation seems pretty straightforward: long pressing on a sent message will give you options to delete it or unsend it. Deleting a message will remove it from your side of the conversation, while unsending it will remove it from the receiving party’s view, as well.

No indication when this feature will roll out to Facebook Messenger but we’ll keep expecting.


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20 thoughts on “Unsend Feature Coming to Facebook Messenger”

  1. it’s so sad that Facebook are implementing this feature so late when other platforms have got it. Better Kate than never I guess.


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