Download FireFox Quantum Browser – Faster Than Google Chrome

A couple of months ago, Mozilla started teasing a new version of the Firefox browser that would be twice as fast as the latest release and 30% lighter than Google Chrome, dubbed Firefox Quantum.
The new Firefox Quantum web browser is now out of beta and Mozilla claims that the new browser will not only outpace Chrome, but crush it in terms of memory use. Google’s Chrome browser is known for using up lots of RAM, especially once you start to accumulate tabs. Firefox claims that Quantum will be able to handle an equal amount of punishment while using 30 percent less memory than Chrome.
Quantum only uses 30% lesser RAM and open pages with lightning speed. If you have dumped Firefox for a very long time, it’s time to go back to it.
One new useful feature in Quantum is its ability to quickly search using any search engine you want. As you type a query in the address bar, Quantum displays instant results, as well as show buttons for various engines. Google remains Quantum’s default search.
You can take and share screenshots without using a third party app or add-on. The Pocket service is built right into the toolbar, for easy saving stuff for later. The new browser’s library is where you’ll find all your favorite content such as Pocket saves, bookmarks, browsing history, screenshots, and downloads – all of these are accessible in one spot.
Firefox Quantum is available for download for your computer, iOS and Android devices from the below link.
Download here

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