Review: Airtel Unlimited Data Plan N200 for 10days, N500 for 28days

I’m sure you remember this package Airtel Unlimited 2G Plan launched 3 years ago but a lot of subscribers have abandoned the plan probably because as at that time, it was difficult to opt-out of the plan.

You can call this a nicodemous Airtel data plan because they don’t talk about it, tweet about it or even advertise it. Airtel Unlimited Plan of N200 or Unlimited Plan of N500 is an old plan that works only on 2G network.

Airtel Unlimited 2G Plan

No matter the strength of your network, the plan only works if you switch your network to 2G only; and I’m sure it will serve you well if you are truly looking for cheap data plans.

Before you start jumping fences, flying airplane upandan, you must know these Facts about Airtel Unlimited for N200 or Airtel Unlimited for N500.

6 Facts You Should Know About Airtel Unlimited 2G Plans

1. It is an old plans that still work

2. It works on all devices except smartphone or modem that doesn’t support 2G network

3. Upon subscription, it automatically deactivate any existing data plan

4. It only works on 2G network

5. No matter the strength of your network, it must be set to 2G network or else it will just be staring at you like ballot box

6. N200 Unlimited pack lasts you for 10days and N500 unlimited pack last you for 28 days.

How Can I subscribe?

Dial *482#. To opt out of the plan, dial the same code and reply with 3.

This plan has been there and only fewer subscribers are using it. If you want to opt in, I’ll suggest you get another Airtel SIM for it to avoid story that touch the heart and affect the soul.

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12 thoughts on “Review: Airtel Unlimited Data Plan N200 for 10days, N500 for 28days”

  1. Can’t even remember the last time i use 2G to browse.
    Can’t go near..
    This will be synonymous to frustration.

  2. I think this is lovely, I didn’t know it exist. You subscribe for this as a back up data plans should in case your data finish unexpectedly. By the way, Airtel network is superb even with 2G network connection

  3. Anyway The Data Plan Was Good Then But, They Use It To Suffer Your Sim To Snail Moving Motion. Not My Type. I Don’t Like It. Thanks.

    • I’m not understanding the comments i am reading..are we a joke to Airtel..WTH do they mean by unlimited data plan only on 2G in this current age and time..I can’t believe someone ppl are actually commenting positively to what is obviously an insult to their costumers

  4. Oga Prof why you bring this out of the dust again, 4G sometimes is not that good for browsing, 2G is nothing to talk about for my side oo


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