Google Chrome to Automatically Block Heavy Ads

Just like what someone rightly said that this is a necessary evil even though the whole internet revolves around ads, ads fund the internet, but sometimes they can create the worst experiences for internet users.

Google whose existence is predicated on Ad revenue is working on a way for Chrome to automatically block some “heavy ads” on the web, that tend to slow down our browsers.

chrome ads

The feature which is called “Heavy Ad Intervention” aims to block ads that use more than four megabytes (4MB) of bandwidth or take up CPU resources for 60 seconds. When an ad is in violation, a simple notice will be shown saying that it was removed, with a “Details” link explaining it used too many resources.

This intervention unloads ads that are in the .1% of bandwidth usage, .1% of CPU usage per minute, and .1% of overall CPU time. The current numbers are 4MB network and 60 seconds CPU, but may be changed as more data is available.

Heavy ads are replaced in the page with a notice of the removal and a “Details” button you can click to learn more.

The feature is still in development and we never can tell if this feature will see the light of the day.

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