How is Glo Internet Speed in Your Location?

So literally, I don’t use glo… I only observe those using
it. A lot of people are using it; some wish they are using it if not for the
sedate speed of the network while some others will rather discard their smart
devices than to use the network.

In my analysis, good internet connection with good speed is
location based. I overhead some individual raining cusses on Airtel for their
poor network and vow never to have any relationship to do with Airtel again,
while for my Ibadan guys, Airtel network is the best with Flash 4G LTE speed.
Glo internet connection
Some users have been reporting slight changes in Glo
internet connection now compare to before, while they attribute this changes to
the recent data slash… some claims the speed is still the same without any iota
of change.
We want to hear from you… are you using Glo network? Where is
your location and how fast is it? All your comments are important based on your
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26 thoughts on “How is Glo Internet Speed in Your Location?”

  1. Am currently in Kano. Glo network works fine even on 3G. Glo's LTE network in Kano is erratic. When it's available it works pretty fine and fast!

  2. Last week I tried to use glo again somewhere in Lagos . Their Internet is not always stable, I don't know y the network bar disappeared sometimes at night. But the speed is ok whenever I have upto 3 bar. However to stream with glo is almost impossible.

  3. Network can be good here and bad in another location. However glo's case is different. Majority of places it is bad. I hav been to only two places when traveling dat i can say glo was good, every other places, even with full network bar 3g, it is slow like 2g

  4. I bought 1.25Gb X3 for N800from a guy on Yomiprof'z WhatsApp group like 5 days ago. I'm currently on the last batch of 1.25Gb, first two batches exhausted already. Glo LTE 4G in my location is d saviour.

  5. Every where I have been in the past 2 years terrible glo network have always followed me. Ibadan, abeokuta, name it.. It has been cryingly terrible.. You feel like raining curse on them. As for me, my glo sim as literally been on break for 13 months now..


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