Truecaller launches free voice call – Truecaller Voice

99.9% of Andriod smartphone have Truecaller installed on their devices, a caller ID and spam blocking app revealing hidden identities from time immemorial.

The good news is Truecaller has launched a free voice calling service dubbed Truecaller voice.The company said its VoIP service offers a clear, crisp and high-quality call even when data or WiFi coverage is low.

Truecaller voice

“Integrating free calls into Truecaller on Android means fewer apps taking up space on your phone,” the company said.

Truecaller said its users are making more than 180 million phone calls through the Truecaller dialer per day.Half of the calls are to other Truecaller users, which is why the company has decided to launch its own VoIP service.

How to make free calls with Truecaller Voice

For quick access to make free calls, the Truecaller Voice icon has been integrated into convenient places within the app such as your call logs, SMS Inbox, contact profile and after call screen.

With this users can access the VoIP call anywhere within the Truecaller app without switching to other applications. The service is currently rolling out to Android users and will be launched for iOS users in future.

Meaning any calls you are making from Truecaller, so long the person you are calling is using Truecaller, it will be free.

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  1. Another wahara for mtn and co. Now we can start making calls wit our data. Volte call is not needed anymore. Bonne nouvelle


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