All MTN Offices Shutdown Nationwide till Further Notice

MTN Nigeria has announced a closure of all its service outlets and offices till further notice.

In a statement released on Wednesday, the telecommunications company said it has confirmed attacks on its facilities in Lagos, Ibadan and Uyo.

MTN office shutdown

“MTN Nigeria Communications PLC confirms that over the last day, our facilities, customers and some of our stakeholders have been the subject of attacks in retaliation for the ongoing xenophobic situation in South Africa,” the statement read.

“We have confirmed reports of attacks in Lagos, Ibadan and Uyo. While we remain committed to providing uninterrupted services, the safety and security of our customers, staff and partners is our primary concern.

“All MTN stores and service centres will there be closed as a precaution until further notice.

“MTN condemns any acts of violence, prejudice and xenophobia and remains absolutely committed to ensuring a peaceful, harmonious and respectful relationship with all communities in Nigeria and across Africa.”

Burnt MTN Office in Ibadan

Just yesterday,  MTN office located in Karu, a suburb of Abuja, has been vandalised by some Nigerians protesting against the xenophobic attacks on fellow citizens in South Africa.

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7 thoughts on “All MTN Offices Shutdown Nationwide till Further Notice”

  1. Dear Lord, since when has violence resolved violence? What is wrong with us, how different are we now with those rascals in South Africa? If staff are injured in these “so-called” protests, are they fellow citizens with lawful jobs in a foreign company or are they representatives of the faction causing so much grief in South Africa. To whom ever associate themselves with these vile attacks, shame on you, you are not a Nigerian just thugs with a pitiful excuse for the display of their bestiality.
    I do pray we don’t fall victims to these acts in term of service because only then will all of you fools will know what you did to yourselves.
    My apologies for my outbursts but they are justified

  2. @Dame CENO I hear you and understand your point BUT
    I cant blame people for reacting back, afterall they only destroy properties
    No casualties has been reported here in Nigeria,
    I only blame our govt for all these problem BCOS, if they have done something for the previous xenophobic attack, hopefully it might not happen again and if it happen they will know the consequence that will follow.
    If govt failed to intervain while Nigerians and other Africans are being roasted alive and you expect people to just fold hands ?
    I saw the video and am totally shocked
    Sometimes its easy to judge others because if we are not on the HOT sit.
    May God Help Us All

    • @KlingKling My apologies again for the outburst, I am a bit misunderstood here, in no way do I condone these vile acts on Nigerians anywhere in the world, hence my introductory sentence : “since when has violence resolved violence” I am was trying to convey to our fellow Nigerians to avoid resulting to murder as South Africans have, as it will not lead to anything. In Southern Africa, Uganda I think South African businesses had been vandalized as well in opposition of what done to Nigerians over there, so we should avoid blood shed that was my point all along.
      And you just conveyed my unsaid truth, our government is a disgrace to us all, imagine where cattle is more important to them than citizens in their country, does that sound like a government that would lift a finger to protect its citizens abroad? I seriously hope this issue be taken to the UN so as to force South Africa’s government hand. I think that country doesn’t consider the murder of Nigerians as an offense, maybe as much as murdering your neighbor’s dog.


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