Ditch Your WhatsApp Messenger… Switch to Telegram Now or Never

Earlier in August 2019, the developers of the most used third party WhatsApp “GBWhatsApp” discontinued the development of the chat messenger due to incessant treat from  WhatsApp team.

GBWhatsApp developers have completely stopped the development of GBWhatsApp, so if you are getting any update from the app, it means other developers are editing the app and releasing the mod which is in no way connected to GBWhatsApp team mod.

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GBWhatsApp team has further issued an update, advising all WhatsApp users and GBWhatsApp users to ditch the chat app and switch over to telegram.

Looking at WhatsApp and Telegram, the later offer more functionality and customization than the former. Most of the anticipated features of WhatsApp are already available on Telegram, but WhatsApp messenger have more installs than Telegram messenger.

According to GBMod, here are the reasons why you should ditch WhatsApp and Switch to Telegram

Let’s talk a bit about Facebook Inc…

– A company that fights developers who try to improve their applications (WhatsApp & Instagram) by adding new cool features that user need & like it. 

– A company that sells its user’s data to governments and other third party companies with no respect of their customers’ privacy.

– A company that doesn’t care about protecting their customer’s data from hackers & security breaches that became a normal thing on the news every month.

– A company that treats you like a product, nothing more.

Company like this don’t deserve to use its products.

If you’re already here on Telegram, you probably know how much Telegram is way better than WhatsApp in terms of features, security, privacy & development (app updates).

Teach your friends & family about that .. Let them know how far they can benefit by ditching WhatsApp & switching to Telegram.

So many people installed telegram messenger, but they don’t use it… probably because they are already use to the simplicity of WhatsApp.The question is, will you ditch your WhatsApp for Telegram?

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6 thoughts on “Ditch Your WhatsApp Messenger… Switch to Telegram Now or Never”

  1. I have telegram installed on my smartphone but I rarely use it. I’d prefer to use whatsapp to chat probably because of status update and simplicity of use.

  2. Simplicity of use of whatsapp vs Telegram is a weak point to make. Telegram will appear complicated to the Whatsapp addict simply because of habbit and nothing else. Telegram has all of Whatsapp features and more. Whatsapp is so so boring as your contact list determines the success of your time there. I don’t even have a chat contact on my Telegram apps (using 3 different versions on my Jolla device while all Whatsapp mods were killed over 3 years now) yet I am always there to get cool info about gadgets, science, new releases of movies and tv series, direct download links in the app for ebooks, movie trailers, tvshows, movies, you name it.
    Would take whatsapp 30 years of development to get to the current level Telegram is at… Being popular doesn’t make you cool, school taught us that, didn’t it for you guys?

    • You talk too much. Hold on to your telegram. I have telegram too and I have more then 20 groups on it too. But WhatsApp is still far easier to use and gives your better features to aid businesses.

      All talk won’t prove that.


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