How to Request for Data From Friends Using MTN Dash-me-Data Services

This is more like using the call me back service but in this case, you are requesting for data from your friends or love ones.

MTN recently introduced Data sharing on its services and it allows you to share 10MB, 50MB, 100MB data to another MTN subscriber; the highest you can share so far is 200MB Per day. The telecom company also introduced Dash-me-Data services.

MTN dash-me-data

It allows subscribers to initiate a data request to his or her friends for them to buy MyCustomer a data bundle. Meaning a beneficiary can initiate a data request from a sponsor.

How to Request for Data From Your Love Ones Using Dash-me-Data

To activate the services, dial *131*7*3# and enter the number you want to request data from. To view your pending request, dial *131*7*4#

How to Send Data to Love Ones Using Any of The Options Below

1. Dial *131*7*1# on your phone and follow the directives

2. Dial *131*Phone number*Data amount#

3. Log into MyMTN App, select ‘bundle’ and select ‘data transfer’

 4. Text Transfer<space>Phone number<space>Data amount and to 131

You can check how to transfer data to all network here.

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  1. Mr yomi good morning,it seems you can only transfer 100mb per day because I have tried it many times and after the 100mb they tell me I can no longer transfer and mr yomi the transferred data zaps like hello.


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