Did you notice that GLO network drains down smartphone battery?

Is it just me or did anyone else notice that the Glo network drain the hell out of smartphone battery? Whether on 3G or 4G, it drains out my smartphone battery juice.

Whenever the network is turned on, it begins to get unusually hot which, if care is not taken, might burn down the phone motherboard. I’d noticed this time without number and so experimented with other networks on 4G, the phone works normal except for Glo network.

Battery drain

Mind you, my android phone is 4GB Ram 64GB on-board memory with a battery juice of 4000mAh capacity and yet  still get hot whenever Glo data network is functional.

I’d resolve to use it inside MIFI alone, which is fairly better. Without doubt, Glo network is fast in most locations couple with their data a woof OgaSim bonus, most people are using it and enjoying the speed, but I’m guessing not all using it might have notice the resultant effect it poses on your smartphone when data is turned ON.

Imagine how your phone will hang if you are using 2GB Ram. Did anyone else notice this or I should just let go of my smartphone?

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33 thoughts on “Did you notice that GLO network drains down smartphone battery?”

  1. yeah i notice that a lot am using 4GB Ram device and it will be slowing down my device, Or are they mining with our smartphone phone ?

  2. Yes oo Yomi, dat netwk drains phone battery alot nd also makes the phone to get hot..i av known dis very longtime buh i av no choice and dats y i wait till like 11pm most times to do my heavy downloads on Glo netwk. Anytime frm 11pm till 6am the network works fine wt battery juice

  3. Yeah,I have noticed it in some phones I used in the past, I also noticed that Glo turns on the phone’s GPS forcefully and persistently thus increasing battery drain

  4. I also noticed it, I rarely get up to 5hrs SOT on a phone with 3400mah battery. Even d mifi device I put d Glo sim eventually gets hot easily.

  5. My friend told me that glo always drains his battery that is why he removed it. I doubted until I got the sim and it drains my phone of 6000mah battery like mad, when I switch to mtn it stops draining

  6. That is quite true! And one possible reason for Glo network to drain more battery juice and heat up smartphones is that the network signal is not optimized in most locations, as such the phone does extra work to get the signal.

  7. I have noticed that since the days of Samsung blue face, it use to drain my battery quickly while other sim doesn’t. I use to tell my friends


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