Download SoftTalk Messenger, Nigerian Messaging App set to Overtake WhatsApp

SoftTalk Messenger is Nigeria’s Messaging App which allows users to Chat, make FREE audio and video calls and shop genuine products and services!

Just like wechat dominated China, SoftTalk Messenger is about to take over Nigeria. It has been in beta mode for the past 1 year and now the full version has been released.

softtalk messenger

According to the Founder, and Chief Executive Officer, Prime Time Telecoms, a telecoms Service provider based in Japan, Simple Azenabor,

“We do so much than messaging, we want to empower and improve on the way messaging is done today, by giving access to users to shop, while Soft chatting and Soft talking at the same time.

“We are not in SoftTalk for revenue purposes, we are in it to solve a bigger problem and create employment in the country.”

Here is What You Can do With SoftTalk Messenger

>>Make free voice/video calls to friends and family, at home and abroad

>>Localized Stickers: Enjoy amazing collections of African and Nigerian themed stickers

>>Free Monthly Subscription: Calls to your friends who are not online are free.

>>Easy Document Sharing: Send PDFs, Slide shows, Photos, apps etc. on the go

>>Group Chat: Create your own group and add upto 1000 people at once

>>All communications on softTalk messenger are encrypted and no third party can have access to it

Where to Download it

For Android users, download it here

For iOS users, download it here

SoftTalk messenger is  Nigerian chat messenger, already competing with other chat messenger like WhatsApp and telegram with over 10,000+ installs from play store.

Let us know what you think about the chat messenger.

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6 thoughts on “Download SoftTalk Messenger, Nigerian Messaging App set to Overtake WhatsApp”

  1. This can never dust WhatsApp out of existence. But if your country people cooperate, they can adopt it as the country major chat app just like what China did with wechat.

  2. I hate that word free call, wait is it not data we are using to make calls on all this chatting apps why then do you refer it as free call when we have to pay to get data?😡


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