9mobile Introduces Pocket Friendly Data Plans, Plus Free Access to Social Media

Maybe this could be the beginning of a breakthrough for 9mobile if they can gladly win back their subscribers back to base.

Once tagged “telco with the most expensive data plans”, they are now retracing their steps back to default as they revamp their data plans.

9mobile has introduced newly revamped data plans and it appears appealing to what MTN and Airtel are offering you at the moment.

9mobile revamped data plans

You can now enjoy the enticing data offers available as daily, 3-day, weekly, and monthly plans.

The new revamped data plans allow subscribers to enjoy offers like 1GB + free access to social media sites (WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram) valid for 1 day at just N300, or 2GB plus free access to social media sites valid for three days at just N500.

And if you are such that is most interested in the weekly plans, you can get a whooping 7GB plus free access to social media sites valid for seven days at just N1,500 or get 15gb for N5000 valid for 30days.

If you look closely, Airtel and MTN offer you 6GB for N1500 weekly, but this offer from 9mobile looks enticing because you get to use all your social media handles for free. Meaning if Facebook or Instagram has been consuming your data before now, it is now free to access on 9mobile platform once you subscribed to the new data plans.

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According to the Acting Director of 9mobile,

“We are a caring network that believes in showing love to our customers especially in this season of giving. We want them to be able to browse and stream online without the fear of quickly exhausting their data and having to spend more. We believe doing this will boost the internet experience of our customers across the country. The beauty of this revamp is that it’s not limited to a few packages; it involves all our data plans,”

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8 thoughts on “9mobile Introduces Pocket Friendly Data Plans, Plus Free Access to Social Media”

  1. Prof nothing is friendly here I have said it several years ago those who made decisions on data packages for Etisalat should be sacked, they are the one who brought them to where they are today. I can buy “100mb” for N500 if the duration is 30 days. 1gb for N300 with free social media for 1 day is a wasted decision 90% of the data will be a waste, over average people don’t use their data for any other thing other than social media.

  2. Prof u said just #500 u think having #500 in this Buhari regime is just abi since #500 na just when last did u do best commentator reward?

  3. it would av been better if you had
    4gb for 700.
    5gb 1000,
    6gb 1500
    8gb 2000
    can’t you guys think of ur customers pocket??….awon extortioner oshi


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