OPay Introduces USSD Code For Seamless Transaction Without Internet

This must be a step in the right direction as OPay introduces USSD code to make transactions easier for all OPay users across the nation.

So many people have been using OPay to carry out seamless transactions, withdrawals, buy airtime and even make TV subscriptions… right now, you don’t have to be logged on to the app before you carry out your transaction with the new OPay USSD code.

Opay USSD code

OPay USSD code allows you to dial a code, carry out your transaction without the use of the internet using any mobile phone.

How to Use OPay USSD to carry out Your Transaction

Simply dial *955# and it will bring your registered OPay account number and balance.

Here is What You Can do with the new USSD Code

  1. Send money: If you want to send money to another Opay Account or any local bank account.
  2. Buy airtime: if you want to buy airtime for yourself or on another number (any network)
  3. Deposit money: if you want to deposit money into your Opay account
  4. Change pin: if you want to change your transaction Pin
  5. Help: if you need help.

Just recently, it announces the launch of OCar, a ride-hailing arm of the company that is here to give Nigerians affordable car service to any location of your choice. Not just that but will compete with the likes of UBER and Bolt.

Opay has indeed made the transaction easier in Nigeria. You can onboard if you are yet to register.

Let us know in the comment if you are already using the app and how it has been your experience so far with it.

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