MultiChoice DStv is Cheaper in Nigeria Compare to Other African Countries

In as much as we are all clamoring for reduction in the price of MultChoice DStv subscription prices, reports shows that subscription is much more cheaper in this part of Africa compare to others.

Information on the DStv website has revealed that Nigerians pay over 55% less than other countries on the continent.

MultiChoice dstv

When compared to Ghana, Kenya and South Africa,  DStv Compact costs N6,975 in Nigeria, equivalent to $15.50, while the same package costs 140GHS in Ghana, which is equivalent to $25.45..

In Kenya, DStv Compact costs KES 2,455, an equivalent of $24.55, while the same service goes for R359 ($21.11) in South Africa.

Also, in a recent financial report released by MultiChoice Group, South Africa has 43 per cent of its subscriber base and generates 66.35 per cent of its revenue, while Nigeria generates 10.89 per cent.

It further showed that a profit of $617.69 million was generated in South Africa with a trading margin of 30 per cent, while Nigeria did $329 million, 100 per cent less than what was realised in South Africa.

MultiChoice Group listed its challenges in Nigeria as: sporadic payment of government employees; food and travel inflation, which had a negative impact on consumer spend; and low oil price that increased the risk of currency weakness.

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6 thoughts on “MultiChoice DStv is Cheaper in Nigeria Compare to Other African Countries”

    • Haba why calling them ?
      with this analyses you still call them thief na wa ooo
      your govt official are not thief ?
      Multiple taxation in Nigeria is not a thief right ?
      How many satellite company has come and go, i guess your thought is Multichoice killed them all right ? but your country hardship is hash enough to kill any businesses.
      Now lets talk on indigenous companies that has fold up, they are countless, abi na multichoice they kill all those businesses too ?
      let be fair here if your country is demanding too money from foreign country what do you expect ?
      no electricity
      no this
      no that
      they fetch everything them self
      All businesses are meant to make profit

      • Left to me, Multichoice DStv is trying and no any other pay TV can match them. Economy of Nigeria is too hash for businesses to survive, yet they are still trying their best to make Nigerians happy.

        R&B, maybe if you come out with valid point how they stole from Nigeria then we can have a topic to debate on.

  1. Abeg forget mater for Mathias you think say then go ever tell us the truth about the real profit wey them dey make for this country. One day mtn go still go post their own how them no dey make much profit for this country

  2. They simply inflated other countries exchange rates & reduced Nigerian’s.
    Nig=6975/386.40 = $18.05
    Ghc= 140/5.79 = $24.17
    Ken= 2455/17.29 = $23.08
    South=359/17.29 = $20.76
    And we are not even sure if it’s the correct subscription rates for other countries.
    All that aside, what is the minimum wage of these countries compared to Nigeria that is $77.64?
    Abi they want us to use 1/3 of salary to watch TV?


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