This App Will Help You Fight Covid19 Infection

A Nigerian firm has developed an app that will help you fight Covid19 spread, and enforce social distancing… called Rapid Trace.

Rapid Trace, an innovative mobile app, key to the fight against coronavirus (COVID-19) with exclusive features which include: contact tracing; social distance enforcement; crowd control; self-testing & QR; among others.

Rapid Trace

With this app, every citizen will have to self-test daily via the app and will also have the opportunity to answer relevant questions for kids and aged and the illiterate member of the family.

How Does it Work?

Rapid Trace uses Bluetooth and GPS technology to look for other devices with the app installed. Your device will take note of the contact you’ve had with other users. The app automatically pairs via Bluetooth with another that is in close proximity to it, e.g. closer than 2m with respect to time (15 minutes).

This makes contact tracing easy as people that were near a sick person in the last 14 days are notified to quarantine themselves and go for testing

Enforcing social distancing:  This superb feature is enabled by the use of in-app proximity sensor technology; It automatically beeps when 2 users of the app are less than the required 2m apart. Also, the crowd control feature enables the user to know when areas are crowded by alerting the user using the heat map technology.

Thanks to Google, we can get real-time heat maps of different locations like Supermarkets, Malls, Theaters, Churches, Gyms, Parks, etc.”

Where Can I Download the App?

At the moment, the app is only available for Android users, you can download it here

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