This WhatsApp Feature That Let You Send Messages Without Your Phone is Now Rolling Out to Nigerians

We earlier informed you that WhatsApp started rolling out the multi-device feature that allows users to access the popular chat app on more devices without the need to have an active connection on one device.

Meaning the feature allows you to use WhatsApp Web without an Internet connection on your phone. Just turn off your phone and you can see you can use WhatsApp Web normally! Once your device is linked, you don’t need the original phone again to use WhatsApp on your other devices.

WhatsApp Multi device feature

The good news is that the feature is now rolling out to Nigeria. All you need to do is to open WhatsApp Web/Desktop Settings from your iPhone or Android device (WhatsApp might rename it to Linked devices in the meantime), and, if the feature is enabled for your WhatsApp account, you can see a new row called “Multi-device beta”.

WhatsApp Multi-device feature

>>Click to Join the Multi-device beta

>>Link your desired web/desktop device

WhatsApp web multi device beta

You can use WhatsApp on your phone using this feature and four other non-phone devices. I.e your original WhatsApp account can be used on four other non-smartphone devices even when your smartphone is switched off, or the internet is off.

Update your WhatsApp to get the feature available for you.


>>You cannot message or call from the web or portal if your WhatsApp is outdated

>>Perfomance and quality may be affected.

>> Linked devices are automatically logged out from your WhatsApp account after 14 days of inactivity on your phone, due to security reasons

Let us know if you have the feature working for you already

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1 thought on “This WhatsApp Feature That Let You Send Messages Without Your Phone is Now Rolling Out to Nigerians”

  1. What I think? Light years behind Telegram which has offered this so called new feature for years now, I lost my Messaging apps line and thus stopped using whatsapp as a result, had one session of my Telegram active on one browser and that was all it took for my account to still be available on 2 of my devices as well as the portable version of the app on my PC. Whatsapp is just popular and any “so called” new feature of theirs is outdated on Telegram.
    Thanks Prof for the share as always


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