Samsung Device Financing: Swap Your Old Samsung Phones to a New One

If you are still using Old Samsung smartphones, I think it is time to upgrade your device to the latest Galaxy S S22 Series. And if you don’t have the cash, don’t worry, Samsung got you covered.

Samsung has partnered with Access Bank and SLOT NG to make this device accessible to customers as a way of device financing. What this means is that if you are using an Access bank account and you are a salary earner, then you can get this device on loan paid through a period of 12 months.

Samsung smartphones

The device financing facility is available to the bank’s customers from March 11, 2022. Through this partnership, Samsung will be supporting Access Bank salaried customers with a 50% reduced interest rate bringing the rate as low as 13.5% flat per annum and approximately 1.1% monthly.

The loan is expected to be paid back in full to the bank by customers in 12 months. The loan does not require a down payment or equity contribution.

Chief Executive Officer of Slot, Nnamdi Ezeigbo said, “We believe in collaboration for value. As the largest retail banking institution in Africa, Access Bank is now a bank of the people.”

Customers could also swap their old phones with any of the models of the Galaxy S22.

“Customer service is at the heart of what we do at Slot Systems and a partnership such as this is always a welcome development. We at Slot Systems are fully behind this partnership and will work with both organizations to achieve success.”

Also speaking Executive Director, Access Bank, Victor Etuokwu, said, “We are very happy to have gone into partnership with Samsung Nigeria to give more Nigerians the access they crave to own the new revolutionary Galaxy S22 Series. Owning any of the Galaxy S22 series is easy, what all salaried customers need to do is to log on to QuickBucks to request a loan needed to purchase the Samsung Galaxy S22 Series of their choice. It is that easy.” he added.

Now you have two options, swap your old galaxy phones to the latest any of the S22 series, or access device financing through Access bank to get the device.

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