Google Prepares to Crack Down Outdated Apps from Play Store

Google says all existing apps in the store should aim to target an API level within two years of the latest major Android OS release. If they don’t, Google says it’ll place limits on which users are able to discover or install them.

The changes are meant to ensure that software available from the Play Store makes use of Android’s latest privacy and security features. Device owners “expect to realize the full potential of all the privacy and security protections Android has to offer,” Google product management director Krish Vitaldevara writes in a blog post. “Expanding our target level API requirements will protect users from installing older apps that may not have these protections in place.”

We currently require new apps and app updates to target an Android API level within one year of the latest major Android OS version release. New apps and app updates that don’t meet this requirement cannot be published on Google Play.

Starting on November 1, 2022, existing apps that don’t target an API level within two years of the latest major Android release version will not be available for discovery or installation for new users with devices running Android OS versions higher than apps’ target API level.

But developers can can apply for a six-month extension if their software won’t be ready in time for the November 1st deadline.

You can read more about it from the link above.

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