Pyypl: How to Get Free Int’l Mastercard to Use Anywhere in the World

It is no longer news that all the Naira Mastercard‘s in Nigeria is no longer working for international online transactions which is already annoying. Now, to pay for a $10 dollar transaction, you need to pass through stress which was not like that before.

However, as time goes by, I’ll be writing about the different ways you can do international transactions with virtual dollar cards.

Today, let’s talk about Pyypl.

PyyPl Master Card

Pyypl (pronounced “people”) is an international financial services provider based in UAE and Bahrain. It allows people to create MasterCard payment cards and digital wallets for online transactions.

How PyyPl Work

Pyypl is a digital wallet and Mastercard payment service that allows people to shop easily on the internet. You can have your own international Mastercard payment card on the Pyypl app. This can be done in few minutes after which you can start using it.

The Pyypl app also comes with a digital wallet. You can receive money into your wallet, send to other people and also spend it.

What You Can Do With PyyPl

  • You can shop on foreign websites by using your Pyypl online Mastercard
  • Add funds easily through your bank credit and debit cards
  • Account creation is free. The only document you need is your National ID
  • You can send and receive money from other Pyypl users, through your Pyypl digital wallet
  • Track your spending and online shopping history with the Pyypl app
  • Recharge your airtime and subscriptions on the Pyypl app

You can freeze and unfreeze your Pyypl card anytime you want. That way, no other person can use it without your consent.

Where to Download it

Download the PyyPl app here for (Android) and (iOS)

Once you have the Pyypl mobile app on your phone, Open it , create an account, follow the onscreen instruction to verify your phone number.

The next page is for Identify verification. Here you have to capture the front and back photographs of your NIN Card or any government issued ID card. Once you are done press the Next button.

Provide your full name and submit

Once your Identity has been verified, go ahead and create a Pyypl virtual MasterCard from your dashboard.

How to Fund Your Pyypl Digital Wallet

To add funds to your Pyypl digital wallet, do the below

  • Go to your Pyypl dashboard
  • You will see the “Add Money” button beside your account balance
  • Under the fund options, click on “Debit Card Load
  • On the next page, there is a slider that you can use to select the amount of money you want to add to your Pyypl account
  • Provide the bank details of your debit card and click on “Pay

The amount will be deducted from your bank account and added to your Pyypl account. Go back to your dashboard and you will see that your account balance has increased with the amount you just added.

Kindly note that Pyypl is not a bank account. Instead, it’s an online payment service provider, similar to Paypal.

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  1. Yomi now that we have registered as a Nigerian, how do we top up this wallet when our Nigeria Debit Cards are not working for foreign transactions?

    Thanks for the good work

  2. How can we top up our pyypl account using bank or debit cards please? Coz have been trying different debit cards but it always fails.


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