Simple Steps On How To Move From Blogspot Domain To Custom Domain

Someone actually demanded for this tutorial that’s why am
bringing it up now. This tutorial is for my fellow bloggers who have been
wanting to change from blogspot to dot com domain but don’t know how to go
about it.
This tutorial will guide you through on how you can easily
move from blogspot to dot com in minutes.
I am going to explain this tutorial using  a reliable web
hosting company in Nigeria Web4africa since they accept verve ATM card; making
it easier for anybody to buy a domain name at the comfort of his or her home, and
to also pay in Naira. If you don’t want to host with them, neglect this step.

You can host with Namecheap or Hostgator (They are international host with
reliable services).

So logon to , search for the domain name you want to buy. Follow all the necessary
procedures and make sure you pay with your verve card if you are in Nigeria, or
Ghana. All the steps in buying a domain name from their site is well
On this note, I assume our domain name is now active; and we
will need to configure the domain name from our blogger dashboard. So login to
dashboard at

===> Scroll down 
and click on settings

===> Scroll down to Publishing, and you should see your blog address – slightly
below your blog address, click on Add a custom domain name as highlighted in
the picture below;

 ====> Click on add a custom
domain name – and then switch to advance settings


====> Once
you click on the adv settings, enter your newly registered domain name as
indicated on the pics below;

====>  Hit the save button
and it will bring you to this place –

Once you see something like this, don’t be scared; just note
the two CNAMEs inside the rectangle box because we are going to use it to
configure our domain name system from our host.
So login to your  account and 
click on my domain, it will bring you to this place as seen in the pics

===> From my domain – Click on the Arrow beside manage domain –
Manage Name server

====> Click
on Mangement tool – Manage DNS

it will bring you to this place. Please look at what is in the picture
carefully and enter those parameters the same way they appear on the picture.
Initially all the field won’t appear but the moment you begin entering the DNS
names, they will begin to show up one after the other. Now copy the CNAMES in
red rectangle from your dashboard, and past it into the necessary field just
exactly as mine appear. (Should in case you are hosting with other Hosting
company, we will not have the same Nameserver, so confirm from your host about
your Nameserver configuration.)

Once you are done, just hit Save Changes  and that is all. It may take some moment
before the changes will take place but it will sure take place.
You can now go back to your blogger dashboard  and hit the save changes button. That is all!
This time around, if someone type
it will just redirect them to the new registered domain name i.e
NB: Please if you are not using thesame hosting company as explained above, our Nameserver will not be thesame; therefore, you will need to contact your host for their Nameserver.
Should in case you have any bugging question please don’t
hesitate to use the comment box.

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42 thoughts on “Simple Steps On How To Move From Blogspot Domain To Custom Domain”

  1. oga yemi i'm nt really a blogger bet mayb will sone be with d aid of this tutuorail..nd one tin i lik about u is dat u dnt fail in ur promise..i saw whn d person dat asked 4 dis topic requested nd u promise to post it within 2hrs wich u did…tankz 4 keepin to ur words..i lik dat.wel am still waitin 4 d airtel gig u still promise to post.tanz bro @[email protected]

  2. Honestly speaking I love this guy for fulfilling his promise even though he's yet to fulfil the promise of making my etisalat work with modem. Just wanna let you know bro that I ain't mad you and I'm pretty sure you'll make it work. Thanks for the knowledge you impact on me it's worth more than I bargained for. Do not relent for God is your strength. Peace. @AkandeOlaitan

  3. bros your boy don hang for road oooo. i got to management tools all i saw was contact information, register nameserver and get EPP code. thats all there is no DNS, pls tell me wat to do.

    • Bryan, did you click beside the domain u just register? and you did not see manage DNS server? if yes, click on Register nameserver and change it to custom nameserver
      Enter the following parameters as they appear

      After that, save and view your manage dns

  4. tnk you sir, but this is the result am getting, CNAME|www| – Record does not exist.
    CNAME|ervczytkmhty| – Record does not exist.

    • YES! You will always get that because you registration is not yet complete. But where you able to do the above nameserver thing? if no, send me a mail containing your log in details on web4africa let me do it for you.

  5. Mr yomi thanks for your write up, pls after i have configured the whole things this was the message am getting if I try to access the site

    Open Dns guide
    Hmm, isn't loading right now.

    The servers that run are having some trouble. This is usually just a temporary problem, so you might want to try again in a few minutes.

    (though i used ns1,ns2,ns3,ns4 with web4africa server, could it be the cause?)

    • Since it's web4africa and you followed the steps correctly, make sure you don't miss anything at all.

      Loging to your web4africa domain dashboard and from manage domain, check if the domain is showing pending or active. If it's showing pending, you need to chat their customer service up. One thing i discover with web4africa is that domain is not usually setup on time.

  6. Good morning Bro,

    I was able to get your blog while trying to customize my blog, and i followed the process as you've explained here.

    But i couldn't why trying to configure the domain name for blogger, the DNS record is not coming up.

    It seems Google has changed how to configure.

    This is what web4africa sent to me

    (For your domain name to work with, Google requires that your domain name be pointed to the following DNS records:


    The domain ownership verification token must also be entered as a CNAME record.

    You can easily do this from our Client Area but first you must make sure that the domain name is pointed to the following nameservers:

    I don't know how to go around all this.

    Please, can you please help me configure it?

  7. Mr.Yomi, after I have entered all the fields, when I click on 'save changes', some of filled address change and display this,
    value : Invalid IP address for address('A') records
    Can u pls help

  8. Thank you sir for this great article. I urgently need your help. I purchased my domain name from web4africa but I cannot connect it to my blogger account BECAUSE

    1. There is no management tools showing in my dashboard

    2. Under the DOMAINS section, i clicked 'manage domains' but it keeps telling me that i currently have no zones

    I dont understand all these. Please can you help me configure it instead? How can i reach you? You can call me on 09098265695. Thank you.

    I will keep checking back to see your reply.

    • Hello Temitope Adeniyi,
      You are right, Web4africa recently modified their domain management settings in which only their admin can fix. Chat with their admin and they will do it for you.


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