5 Tips to Stop Your Smartphone From Overheating

Your smartphone is like human body
that respond based on the temperature of the environment. Your phone’s
internal temperature changes based on the temperature of its environment. If it
gets too hot you can have some major problems like draining your battery,
melting your Central Processing Unit and battery, or causing a forced shutdown
of your phone. Overheating is one of the most common
issues that most smartphone owners face.

Apart from possibly ruining your smartphone
battery, overheating is generally an annoyance that messes up your overall
smartphone experience.

prevent your smartphone from overheating, follow the simple tips below
Remove it from 4G or 3G only: Network is number one thing causes
overheating, hence sucks your battery. Its better you set it to choose the preferred
available network parameters instead of 4G or 3G only.

Turn off unused apps on your phone. Allowing apps you’re not using to run
in the background runs battery and increases the heat on your phone.

Keep it in a cool place: Those of you who are usually under AC you’ll
notice that your battery  last longer than
when you are not under a cool atmosphere.

If you’re an iPhone user, you can check the diagnostics section to see what
apps have been crashing on your phone. Go to Settings > Privacy >
Diagnostics & Usage > Diagnostics & Usage Data for a list of every
situation where an app crashed.

If you’re an Android user, download cooler master.
Master is a professional phone temperature monitoring and controlling app
that detects and closes heavy resource consuming apps to reduce CPU usage and
cool down your phone.

next your phone overheat, please don’t put it inside your deep freezer, just
follow the tips above and you’ll be safe.

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43 thoughts on “5 Tips to Stop Your Smartphone From Overheating”

  1. I can attest to this. My friend had two Samsung S3. Even while not in use, the temperature is always high. I helped him a bit by removing some unneccessary apps and installing CM cleaner on one of the S3. It helps abit but not that helpful. That's even a 2gb ram phone oo.

  2. There was this app i downloaded on my phone, very useful app(forgotten the name). I bought this snokor rocket phone with an advertised 3600mah Battery. Same thing was written on the battery itself but you guys wont believe that the true capacity of the battery is 1000mah. Yeah, you read that right, 1000mah. So, it was this app that shows every thing the phone supports nd disagree with. I was just like, i thought as much because 3600mah no be chin chon chum. On a heavy usage, snokor doesnt last 4hours compared to the advertised 2days plus.


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