MyQue Vpn Rocking With Mtn With #0.0

I’ve been lately busy this month that’s why tweak lovers
haven’t been seeing much post on that. But just this evening, while taking my
time to answer some questions on the blog, I stumble on a comment about Myque
vpn working with mtn with #0.0. I gave this a trial and it rocks as usual. But
please if you have been using openvpn or sandwich, there is no need to try this
one at all; just keep rocking your open vpn until it stop working.

I’m pretty sure a lot of you will still remember Myqvpn
and if you have it installed on your device, just login with your username and
password.  And if you don’t have it on
your device, visit their site here and download it to your device, follow the
settings on their site while choosing Tcp protocol.
Set your MTN apn to
Password and username: web
Hit the connect button and keep surfing.
Is It Available For My Device?
This tunneling vpn is available for Android,iPhone/iPad and
PC users. Not supported on Symbian phones.
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15 thoughts on “MyQue Vpn Rocking With Mtn With #0.0”

    • It won't work if your Myque vpn as expired so you have to renew it for it to work. But you can tell the guy to activate the test acct for you to test before you renew it

    • Droid vpn upgrade is about $3 while open vpn is about #650. Both are good only that droidvpn is only ment for Android phone and it rocks as at this moment while open vpn is for pc, iphone/ipad.

  1. It has too many servers that the owner recommended, unlike those ones ive been using that only has abt 3 – 5 servers. Thanks again my PROF!


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