Photo: Nokia 9 Leaks With 5 Cameras

Yesterday, we shared with you the alleged upcoming Nokia phone with 5 camera with Led flash, but due to the image’s low quality, the veracity of the leak was unclear.

We currently don’t know if this is Nokia 9 or Nokia 10 but it’s a Nokia phone with a model no TA-1094, a machine everyone will love that sports 5 Zeist certified camera with a Led flash.

nokia 9

As it is, we don’t know if this is Photoshop or not, it’s unclear what exact function each camera sensor will adopt.there’s no information as to when Nokia’s flagship can be expected to go official.

… but you should be wondering, what will you do with 5 camera smartphone?


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23 thoughts on “Photo: Nokia 9 Leaks With 5 Cameras”

  1. #this not the right place…hello YP my other phone Tecno K7 is giving me a serious headache of heavy hanging, slow and writing app not responding on many occasions especially when I turn it on and on the data, it’s really frustrating…I have uninstalled some apps and do other things possible on my own. I’m seeking for a solution, thanks

    • Hello Razzi, Go to settings>>Apps>>Click on individual apps, clear data, clear cache cache. Do it for all the apps but don’t touch Google Play store and Google services. once you are done, reboot your device and watch its performance

  2. the reality is that Nokia will still regain its crown, their mistaken strategy was to sell the brand name for a period of time according to the contract for $4 Billion to Microsoft, before all these android and apple phones Nokia had already set the benchmark for what phones are able to do, all things that we all do today with android phones were things that i was doing a decade ago on my Nokia n900 ,they will probably set the benchmark to another point again

  3. its a nice device, nokia is always known for doing something different that shows creativity. still waiting till the final piece is really out.


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