How To Use Your Android Phone As A Security Camera

Hmmm, what I’m about to share with you today is not what
everyone will need or value, but highly security conscious  minded people will value
this tutorial. I’m sure 90% of those reading this post have been to the bank
and if you are conscious enough, you will notice there are security camera’s everywhere
monitored by the man seating in the control room. In order words, he see’s all
the activities in the bank.

I’m going to quickly show you how to turn your Android phone
into security camera with just a simple app. 
How Can I Turn My Android Phone Into A Security Camera?
==>Visit Google play and download Athome video streamer
or download it here
==>Swipe past all the
introductory screens
until you’ll see the Start Now button,
which is on the fourth screen.
==>Click on Start Now button and you
will see a live camera view screen as seen in the image below
==>click on menu button in
the upper left corner
==>Hit the change password and enter a username and password
of your choice and save
==>Go back to the camera screen
==>Write down the CID code,
which is located in the upper right corner of the screen.
==>Position your device
in the location you want it to monitor and  with the primary camera facing outward.
Once your camera is set up, and you’ll want to view it from
another android or ios device, you will need to install Athome camera in order
to be able to keep track atleast 5 cameras
==>Download Athome Camera at google play or here
==>Click Add in the
upper right corner and select By CID
==>Enter the CID, username
and password
from the device you’re using as a camera, toggle on Remember Me and Save
==>Click on the camera
to connect to the remote account.
==>Select the camera you wish to
this point in time, you
will see a view from the camera you
selected. Using the controls at the bottom of the screen, you can capture
stills, switch between front and back cameras.

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