Easter is Here! Get Great Discount From Konga Now

Easter is here, and I know you won’t wanna be left out… If
there is any time at all you might wanna consider getting that your desired
smartphone, tablets, fashion wears or PC at a more reduced priced, I think its now
because a lot of discount will be given out on almost all the goods you are

Don’t just seat and read, be romantic, make your kitchen
take a new look, shape by ordering for some home appliances this season, I bet
your wife/mum or girl friend will love it.
You can view more discounts here or Click here to order.
Happy Easter Celebration!
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4 thoughts on “Easter is Here! Get Great Discount From Konga Now”

  1. Nice! Brother, pls How do I solve dis? An app is secretly eating up my 8gb SD memory I wil clear space on my Mcard Like 400mb free space and wake up d next day to see like 150 or 200 mb remaining, 0kb sometimes
    ……… pls wat do I do

    • Those apps are actually eating up ur space. Go to settings>>Apps>>Click on individual apps and you'll see the memory space they are eating..

      Download greenify, it will put apps to sleep when u are not using them


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