Day 2 Jumia Mobile Week – Infinix SmartPhones On Display

This is the second day of Jumia Mobile week and it promises
greater and better discounts offer this time. Unfortunately, that which I set my eyes
on is not even available in Jumia store… Infinix Hot Note Pro will not be sold
today, as it will be Launched on 4th of June 2015 at Lagos before it
will be available in Jumia Stores.

However, lovers of Infinix Hot and Infinix Hot Note should
get ready to get the Infinix Hot at a giveaway price of N8,000 and Hot Note at
a giveaway price of N12,225. Cheap right? I’ll be uploading the 50% discount voucher
as Jumia releases it via the comment box, so keep in touch or you can as well
get the code directly from them.

Get your Infinix Hot or Hot Note here

You have to be smart and fast enough to activate the 50%
shopping voucher on time before it will expire.
Happy Shopping!
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37 thoughts on “Day 2 Jumia Mobile Week – Infinix SmartPhones On Display”

  1. INF101

    Use those two code above for hot and hot note… 9am, no dulling at all. Thanks everyone. and Dammy bas.

  2. It actually Jumia-Infinix scam…there wasnt any price reduction afterall.. Moreover their shipping fee is very high and dont offer POD to Anambra… fake Jumia…

    I still stick on Konga…

  3. Guys if you missed the 9am 50% discount, dont miss the remaining ones

    Use the below for 12PM
    NOTE102 f

    Use this for 3PM

    Use this for 6pm

    Try a much as possible to atleast benefit from one. If I were you, select the product until you get to the to where you'll be required to enter the code, then wait for 12/3/or 6pm… On the dot, enter the code and 50% discount will be yours.

  4. it's just scam… .. i try mine at 12pm dot, it say the flash sale code has already been used to it limit, i use jumai app and it says invalid coupon code, mtcheww

    • It is not a scam at all. I know who used the voucher code. Inshort I have screen shots with me if you want proof I'll mail it to u.

      My advice
      Never use that jumia app for this offer if not you'll never get it. Access their site direct from ur browser and apply.

    • Yes access it from PC this time. I'll be so happy if you can get it done. If its a scam I'll tell u all its a scam. I tried it yesterday and I got d discount. I have pics of someone who alsogot the discount of infinix hot note pro dis afternoon.

      Best of luck man.

  5. Out of about more than 50000 thousand Nigerians that will be queuing up to buy and say Jumia has only 10 of the devices that was given to them free of charge by the manufacturers and that they are supposed to even give out freely to their customers and they converted it into 50% off flash sale deal, What else do you call scam?

    If I may remind you people, late last year, Blackberry did similar thing and they gave out 10 Blackberry Passport freely to Linda Ikeji and she shared it freely to her readers

    • Hello Edwin,
      I think you are wrong with that analysis. I can remember vividly that Jumia gave out innjoo fire to those bloggers who attended bloggers round table to review.

      This 50% discount is just for fast finger and not for everybody if not the company may ruin without any profit.

      Note: I am not affiliated to jumia, I don't work for them, I only post here to update readers.

    • Definitely, nobody is expecting them to do that kind of discounted sales and allow everybody to benefits. No any business operates in such manner…but there are lots of untold stories behind these their flash sales, believe you me.

      It is the poor masses that still suffers it most, and giant companies like Jumia still benefits more..I know what I am saying

  6. Infinix hot note pro is not on the site, its a game of luck afterall…so its a no real deal….Jumia-megathon scam.

    If you reside in Anambra,please never you pay online, ofcourse they dont offer pay on Delivery,,,if you dare pay online,believe you me your account will be debited only for them to call you to say ''your transaction was not succcessful''…to get your cash back,you will go through hurdles for like 2weeks..I have proof…

    Jumia tribal sale…….SCAM!

    • You can use PICK UP STATION as against the STANDARD shipping. Pick up station is a Jumia station close to your area. In your case you can choose their pick up station in Delta state.
      I am not in anyway affiliated to Jumia but please take away TRIBE from this.

    • I am not related to Jumia, I don't work for Jumia, neither do they pay me for making post here. Jumia is not tribalistic, Jumia is not scam. If you want pictures of real deal of 50%, I'll send them accross to you.

  7. To use this successfully. Follow these steps.
    1. Create an account
    2. Login to Jumia website (don't waste time using the app)
    3. Select the Infinix Phone
    4. Make an order
    5. Continue to the last page where you should click confirm and wait.
    6. Enter the valid voucher code in the space and just chill
    7. Once its 9/12/3 o clock hit the "USE" button and confirm ur order as quickly as possible.

    Worked like charm for me. You can try yours too, its no scam. You just have to be very fast and have lots of luck. Enjoy!

    Code for 3pm is:

    Don't dull.

  8. yomi my phone is bricked…my tecno r7 i need stock rom for my phone………send xperia stock rom and r7 too,my is down…..pls send it to this email [email protected] and details to bring me phone back from exile……………..plz your quick reply will be helpful….thankz

  9. Abg oga prof nor vex say I dey disturb,bt exact 3 I tried d tin say e don exceed limit,so na hw dem cum dey do am,try ur luck easy pas dis 1,scam dey smell,i don dey wait again now for the checkout o

    • If you have PC I'll advice you use PC or Or your mobile browser. Make sure you are already at the point where you'll be ask to insert the gift code, once its 6PM on the dot, just click use and then quickly check out.

      Make sure you have fast internet connection oooo….

  10. Flash Sale Code has already been used to its limit. Still, you can proceed with your order to benefit from this Great Hero Deal while we have stock! Be fast, don't miss it!….after seeing this message,will it still work again by 6 so


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