InnJoo to Resume Operations Next Week

InnJoo was actually ban and kicked out by NCC last few weeks
due to the recent uphearval of the latest release InnJoo fire. Even the product
is no longer available on Jumia site.

But according to a close source from InnJoo, said InnJoo operations
will be back next week that they actually didn’t pass through the normal channel
for the device approval.
Well, lets just hope this time, they’ve passed through the
normal channel. Pile up all your complains while we await their season 2
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7 thoughts on “InnJoo to Resume Operations Next Week”

  1. My Innjoo one battery drains like wild fire… its just 2 months old and full charge take less than 30 minutes of use,,,, I have disable virtually all known activities. pls help oh… it wasnt so wen I bot this Innjoo one… could they be any engineering settings that may address this?

    • Some disastrous apps are consuming your ur battery secretly. Go to settings>>apps>> click on individual apps and clear the cache. But don't clear Google play services cache after which you can reboot ur fone and check if it still consume power.

    • I don't agree with you on this. MTK devices are craps, they don't last long. You can not expect an extremely cheap device to give you maximum satisfaction. Even if that decide to uninstall all his applications, he will still be experiencing battery drain. Stay away from cheap products and buy London used original phones if you can not affored brand new ones. As for me i always go for London used. And they are serving me well.

  2. I installed supersu me on my Mtn s620 and my fone deleted root I re root it but I want to be using supersu instead and me to stream videos with Bblited

  3. Good morning my Governor Prof, please I just finished backing up my applications with TITANIUM backup, please I want to know what to do next to make sure everything is in order, please Prof, what's full function of Titanium backup, Thanks


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