Leak: Samsung’s First Dual Camera smartphone

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 was earlier tipped to be the first
Samsung phone to feature a dual-camera setup, new leaks suggest that company’s
C10 smartphone might leapfrog and take the honour. New leaked images of
Samsung Galaxy C10 not only suggest that the phone will feature a dual camera

setup but also that it will be the first smartphone from the South Korean
company to have this camera configuration.

The leak, as you can see in the image above, focuses only on
a small portion of the device’s back, revealing things like rose gold color,
antenna bands, dual-LED flash, and power/lock key. It might likely come with Snapdragon 660 chipset.
No much information about the specification of this device,
so we await official announcement from the company for more details.
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2 thoughts on “Leak: Samsung’s First Dual Camera smartphone”

  1. Now, what i don't understand is, what exactly is the purpose of dual cameras? Can't one camera do the work of two? Or, why not make camera with powerful lenses and very high pixels, instead.

    • Hmm…. Its high time I write about the need for dual camera phones. for the question, one camera in this era cannot do the work of two


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