InnJoo Set to Launch 2 More Devices Come 20th Nov’ 15

Hmm…! Is what I can only say when mobile brand keeps
launching device like lollipop sweet. InnJoo lovers, where are you guys? InnJoo
Nigeria has something for you come 20th November, and I guess it
will all be for grab on Black Friday come Nov 27th 2015 (what a biz

InnJoo is set to launch another two device as seen on their
FB Page and I want to believe it will be more better than their previous
devices. Those that are rocking InnJoo Halo, Fire and Fire Plus should get set
to welcome another elder or younger brother. 
Remember you now have varieties of
options from devices to choose from because that day the Apple of China will
surprise you in Nigeria.
This is indeed a contest! Who will survive?
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11 thoughts on “InnJoo Set to Launch 2 More Devices Come 20th Nov’ 15”

  1. With the rate at which Mobile Manufacturers in Nigeria produces New devices is becoming unacceptable. Releasing too many devices at a time might leave you with little or no ideas thereafter. Take for example the way apple produces It's devices. It's slow but steady which leaves them with more ideas.

  2. Yes, they should pump but they(Chinko phones) shouldn't be priced as high as branded phones.
    They should try to make their top and so called premium phones not more than #20k. And I honestly think that is fair for a Chinko phone.
    Chinko phone will remain Chinko phone no matter in what form or high specifications it comes, and will never be compared to a branded phone.

  3. Hello prof, sorry for asking for ur favour on a wrong thread. Pls i want u to pls provide me with a tutorial and roms for Tecno p5, i want to flash the phone myself… Though i have not done android b4 but with ur help am capable. Thanks and pardon me for posting here.


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