Ntel Get Set to Rollout 0804 SIM’s to Welcom 4G LTE This Month

This is what I call serious business, I now see reasons why
NCC lambasted MTN Nigeria with that killer huge 1.4trillion amount of money.
You see, Ntel is coming with full force and they are bench on launching 4GLTE
service which means if your device is not 4G Supported, all what this post is
saying will just be like parable to you.

Ntel will be deploying the old 0804 lines that Mtel once
used to Nigerians, meaning you’ll now be considering getting 0804 lines this
month. Remember it will first of all be launch in Port-Harcourt, Abuja and
Lagos before it gets to other states.
Hmm… *take a deep sigh* and I thought, Hope their data plans
will be cheap at least with a N1,000 I should be able to get handful of Gigs
without thinking twice.
Hope their network this time around will be stronger than
the existing network?
See an except from NatCom
… NatCom  last week,
announced to Nigerians, its readiness to roll out its telecoms services under
the new name, NTEL, with lots of promises to move Nigerian subscribers from the
era of poor service quality to the era of uninterrupted telecoms services on its
4G network, riding on the resuscitated NITEL’s SAT-3 undersea broadband cable.
Now that NTEL is set for service rollout, Nigerians are optimistic that the
company will make the difference.
The question is, will you as a heavy data user, or internet
surfer or business tycoon who make use of the internet 24/7 go back to your
0804 lines?
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17 thoughts on “Ntel Get Set to Rollout 0804 SIM’s to Welcom 4G LTE This Month”

  1. Good morning my Prof, how's your family this great morning? please my able chair do me this favor for God sakes, please add me on whatsapp with this number 0810 998 8487, I want to reconnect with my friends on your whatsapp group after Airtel disconnected my line for no reason, they said I should go re-register my line, the line that I've been using for over six years now, the worst part of the problem now is sim pack, I don't have the sim pack with me anymore, please help me sir.

  2. Pls i have tried everything to join eti social me weekly at N300. Its refusing to take my money or issue confirmation. What do i do? Help?

  3. CDMA or GSM or the 2 join, believe me they have a long way to go, i always say it any where, we dont have a true 4G network in Nigeria, though some too know will say i dont know what am talking.
    Can the over sabi people in the house tell me 1 network that can give me 30 -50MB per second ?.
    All they give us is 3G which is not even fast enough to the fullest.
    You can check on youtube the speedtest of 4G LTE, then u will surely agree with me, though the dumb head will still stick to the advert put to them by the so called 4G LTE network in Nigeria.


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