Un1ty TV Let You Stream All African Stations Free including AYLive

Let me take you the Caribbean way perhaps you are going to
love the Kuchi Kuchi nwa available to you. This is not Mobdro, Kodi or
TVonTheGo but something more interesting that draws you closer to African
culture and makes your device a mobile TV.

Un1ty TV  is a secure and interactive viewing platform
for movies and TV channels from Africa and around the world.

Watch videos on-demand, OH TV, AiT,
DOVE TV, Nollywood Movies, News channels and many more channels. The UN1TY app
will also stream LIVE programs from UK and Africa such as The RCCG Holy Ghost
Service, The UK Festival of Life, Africa-Related events from the Nigeria,
Ghana, UK and USA.

With the UN1TY app, you can watch your favourite programs even while waiting at
an airport or train station. You never need to miss your favourite programs
I’d tried it and was able to stream
some African programs ranging from lekki house wive, AYLive and lots more. I
even find this app more entertaining than the previous one’s had used.
Where Can I Download it

For Android and BB10 users download it
For iOS users download it here
For PC & Mac (You need to first download Adobe Air on your PC here, then download the app here)
I tried it on iPad and the graphics
wasn’t bad at all without any throttling in streaming live African channels. If you don’t have this
app, then you are not the owner of your smartphone.
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21 thoughts on “Un1ty TV Let You Stream All African Stations Free including AYLive”

  1. Prof. I have been using this on my android for over a month. But just heard about the PC version today I successfully installed on my PC, but not working it requested for registration but couldn't complete the process it say "request failed" Tried for several times but to no avail, don't know what could be the problem and adobe air was successfully installed

  2. Prof I know this is not the right place to post this Pls pardon me, cos my phone is in a little bit danger
    Firstly what's the difference between cwm n twrp
    Secondly the Android 6.0 boot animation can it work on tarp recovery, cos ever since I tried installing the boot animation in my tecno y6 the phone just slow while booting
    How can have my phone back in the normal way pls help me out

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