How to Get UK Phone Number For Free in Less Than 5min

This morning is just cool right here and I think I should just share with you this awesome information. Information is power… Like someone said. Whatever you don’t know is bigger than you even if its a dot.

I’ll briefly share with you on how to get a UK and US phone numbers for free in less than 5min. its absolutely free, usable anywhere. I receive calls with it, make calls with it. In short, I sent an SMS from my NG line and was charged N8.

Note that this info is for educative purpose… All I need from you right now is your 100% attention.

How Can I Get UK & US Numbers For Free?

Nextplus is a phone company that provides complete phone service into an app. With the app, you can get the following features for free.

– Receive a free phone number

– Free unlimited incoming and outgoing calls to any phone number

– Send and receive unlimited free text messages with anyone

– NO contracts, NO commitments, NO phone purchase, and NO hidden fees

– Compatible with all of your Android devices (phones and tablets)

– No cellular service required

– Fun and social features

Not just that but you can meet new friends, see who is online, your text are delivered instantly. And YES! You can use it to verify some site that are not Nigeria Supported.

Available for Android and iOS users respectively.

Where Can I Download it?

For Android Users Download it here

For iOS users Download it here

Install it>>Register and get the ball rolling.

Once you’ve done that, you can use the comment box to share your UK number let someone add you up. Welcome to United Kingdom from Nigeria.

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31 thoughts on “How to Get UK Phone Number For Free in Less Than 5min”

  1. You can only make calls via wifi network on not your normal network with the app except you go for the pro one. You can receive and send sms. You can call all the numbers on the app foc. but to make calls, you must be on a good wifi.

  2. You can also sign up online to earn free phone minutes from advertisers who are willing to give you the free calls in an effort to show you their products. Most of the offers that earn you to make free calls are simply requests for information. The advertisers are well known companies that are interested in spending their money on your calls in an effort to encourage you to buy their products. To earn your free calls, you are not required to make any purchase. 0800

  3. How do I get a UK number wit it? It gives only USA number. Is there any better app that can gv Uk and usa number even if its to be paid for apart from Skype. I need app that can send SMS and calls also


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