Top Commenters of The Month

If I’ve by any means gone faster and farther last months, it was because you guys stood by me. I must sincerely appreciate everyone who spent every MB on reading, commenting and helping people out.
Even when I never feel like making a post, you guys always motivate me to quickly sort out info and update you with. Of what use is blogging without readers? You guys are simply the best.

I appreciate every anonymous commenters, emotional commenters and the mind commenters (does who only comment in their minds after reading a post). Coins Coins, Bolarge, Mustapha, Ahmadu O. Taiye Abdulahi Naijaknowhow, R&B Music, SarzBerry, Alhasan, and lots of you I can’t mention names here. I really appreciate everyone reading this blog.
However, these are the top commenters for the month of February 2016

Mr lawyer
Ahmadu O.
Taiye Abdullahi

…and as our custom is on YP, this time we will be rewarding only the first top two commenters with data. Choose any network you are using or its fast in your area, and you’ll have your data roll straight to your mobile phone. Meanwhile, R&B should send me a mail with your number to receive your data.

Blogging is boring without readers, boring without comments. I love comments because they make me happy. Happy new months my friends from another mother.

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99 thoughts on “Top Commenters of The Month”

  1. Thanks yp for keeping to your promise. Congrats to myself and Mr lawyer and every other person on this our family train….coin coin, mustapha, taye, r&b, naijaknowhow, entreclass and every member of this great family. I'm happy to be here

  2. With the appearance of top poster of the month the site will be liter with unreasonable post from guys,
    I think Prof should rethink and rebrand the monthly award, to someone who help his fellow guys to solve one problem or the other, I think with that people who knows better can assist others, rather than just posting unwanted post , such as good morning every one ( without having important thing to discuss, or okay now, u can go round the forum now and count how many post with just lol, Prof you have tried for this your site don't pull it down with this top poster of the month, name it something else, so that people without good idea and tweak + solution to problem can be your winner of the month, by doing that it will help you, me and everyone generally.


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