Facebook Launched Live Audio

This is the latest Facebook innovation, the
social network said  on Tuesday it’s launching a new feature called Facebook Live Audio,
which is like video live-streaming on Facebook but with no video. In other
words, It’s Facebook radio.

Similar to Facebook Live videos, users can go
live from the Facebook app by pressing a button. Once a recording starts,
Facebook creates a post using a Page cover image. The post is then pushed to
newsfeeds and people can listen to the audio content as they browse through
Facebook. For Android users, audio will also play if a user leaves the Facebook
app to use another app or locks their phone.
The social network has invested heavily in
live video, even creating a dedicated tab for videos at the bottom of the
Facebook app — some of the most prime real estate in the mobile world. The
company last week also introduced 360-live videos — more immersive scenes
where viewers can look up, down and around in a video. 
But audio-only is a new route. The company
points out that one of the advantages is for people in areas with low
bandwidth, where videos don’t load as smoothly.
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