Get Glo 24GB Data Works on All Device

My job is to make sure you all get a cheaper internet data plans even though
Glo network has decided to increase the price of Comonth. However, what you are
about to read is to your advantage because regardless of the kind of smartphone
you are using, this plan will work on it.
This plan is suitable for everyone, what you need to know is how well is the
strength of Glo network in your locations?

I’m pretty sure all PC, Window phones and iOS users will really be glad
seeing what you are about to read.

The good news is you can now get
Glo 6GB for N2,000

12GB for N3,500
24GB for N4,800
30GB for N6,200
Note that this is not a tweak or anything but it is
legal; a third party that buys in bulk and decided to sell it out at that
Will it Work on my device?
Yes, it will work on Android, iPad/iPhones, Blackberry
10, PC and windows phones.
Do I need to tweak my imei?
No, Imei tweaking is not required… meaning if you are
using Snapdragon or Qualcomm Android chipset, it work wella without tweaking
your imei.
How long doe it last?
All packages last for 30days.
How can I get this offer?
Just drop your email and I’ll mail you the
procedures.  Please note that if the mail
is not coming from yomiprof at gmail dot com, then it is a scam and I’ll advice
you quickly delete it from your inbox.
Ask your questions…

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163 thoughts on “Get Glo 24GB Data Works on All Device”

  1. I have also cheaper data share that is reliable and legitimate. It works on any internet enabled device.Find out the details below.
    N1000 for 6Gb 30days
    N1500 for 12Gb 30days
    N2500 for 24Gb 30days
    N3500 for 30Gb 60days

    To avoid any suspicious of being scam.we send you the data after you confirm the data is sent to you and working then you make your payments otherwise I will retract back the data.Mr Yomiprof you can contact me via email so I can give you a bulk price or wholesale price. [email protected] com.


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