MTN to Launch Mobile Electricity Solution Nation Wide

I’m sure you must have heard about MTN Lumos Mobile
, to those who are just hearing it for the first time, you can read
about it here. Well, telecom giant MTN Nigeria, has collaborated with global
solar firm, Lumos, to launch mobile solar electricity systems for the benefit
of families and businesses nationwide.

MTN Lumos Mobile Electricity is an affordable solar
electricity solution that can power light bulbs, cellphones, fans, PCs or
laptops, radios, television and other small electronic devices, all at once,
every day. With this new product, people can enjoy noise and fume-free
electricity for daily use and pay with airtime from an MTN mobile phone.
The national roll-out billed for the 20th February 2017 in
Abuja, would formally announce the presence of the innovative product in the
country. After launch you can walk straight to any MTN service center and buy
one for yourself.
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17 thoughts on “MTN to Launch Mobile Electricity Solution Nation Wide”

  1. Hello yomi thanks for the info. Please I want to know how many TVs and fans it can power at a time. Because I will like to make it available in a market where people will be needing more than one bulb, more than a TV and fan will be turned on.

  2. i have been using it a month plus, and i must say it has been serving me well, except for some limitations of, a cloudy day, appliances more than 75watts not supported, and the enormous bill of 4,500 per month for the next 5 years, i think its perfect, atleast for a student like me


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