This Infinix App Let You Download OTA Updates Faster

Infinixmobility is really working hard to ensure that you
get your device upgraded to the latest version faster than you think but not
only that, they’ve released an app that let you download OTA updates at the
speed of light. Yes, you read it well, the app delivers software updates at

download speeds even though you are on a slow network connection.

Infinix had earlier promised to release Android nougat
update for Infinix S2, Zero 4, Note 3 and Hot 4 This app below will help you to
get the download faster.
Before You Download..
>>Make sure your battery is 90% charged or is
connected to an uninterrupted power supply.
How Can I Download
and Install it?
>>Download it here
>>Install the downloaded apk
>> Open the APK and wait for it to automatically load
the update
>> Click “Download” for the available OTA software
upgrade. Once the download is complete, run it
>>Your device will restart and viamm!! You’ll be
running the latest OS version
Also note that when you are updating the latest Android OS,
it may contain some bugs except you are willing to try it out.
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25 thoughts on “This Infinix App Let You Download OTA Updates Faster”

  1. Sorry this is off topic forum members. Please who has a way you can purchase apps or services on google playstore aside using nigerian cards since it's not working cos of the CBN policies?

  2. I upgraded my infinix x551 from kitkat to lollipop when I check my ime it's 5555555555557 can I still upgrade it to marshmallow

  3. please I'm hoping I could get a new cheaper better android phone with the price range on 30-36k but I do not know the model to go for, can you please recommend any for me… thanks

  4. thanks, I've never used an infinix products b4, please how reliable is it in terms of functions including d cam n battery

    • Infinix products is great and reliable. Atleast you are sure of once in a while update. the battery last long 4000mAh. Note that the price is N34,400. I recommended that based on your price range.

  5. Hello yomiProf your search bar isn't appearing in desktop view again, Why? Are you aware of this? or is it just from my browser? Thanks

    • Not necessary. But you know to download ota update, you need to completely unroot it your device. So I'll suggest you keep it unrooted

  6. Please my infinix x600 bricked in the process, how do i remove Root totally from the phone, cause I tried removing the Root before starting the processing, yomi please help.

  7. Same here with me can't remove root totally from my infinix phone even if I format it the root is still on the phone please prof help me out I use kingroot to root the phone


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