Infinix Note 4 Pro Users, Are You Having This Same Issue?

Oh no this is not good… Apparently, some Infinix Note 4 Pro
(recently launched device with X-Pen) users are complaining bitterly about the
charging frequency of the device. I don’t know if all Note 4 Pro users are experiencing this ish or
just some selected few.

According to the user,
>>The note 4 Pro takes more than 5hours to get 67%
while charging
>>Charger dont work at all when its low current I read
about this charger before I bought this phone I was told its Xcharge 4.0…..
The charger that came with infinix note 3 is much more better, charges fast and
even charge more faster when current is low…
According to him, he got the Note 4 Pro few days ago.  Another user too said “too bad mine is one month old now. but I somehow believe you”. I don’t
know if some other Note 4 users are experiencing this same issue. Is your fast charge
working well?
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36 thoughts on “Infinix Note 4 Pro Users, Are You Having This Same Issue?”

  1. Mr. Yomi,
    My name is Mubarak and I have an urgent issue i need your experience. I want to make payment fr a product on gearbest and paypal wouldnt accept my card. I read online that GTB cancelled all paypal tran. So my question basically is, can I get a way around this? or its a dead end. PS i tried getting ur mail but nothing of such on ur site

    • Hello Mubarak,
      I currently use my GTB naira mastercard to make payment using paypal. I think what you read about GTB not working with paypal is an old news.

      What bank do you currently make use of?

    • I haveboth uba and GTB giving me the "check card and re-enter bla bla" error.. I tried 2 gtb MASTER CARD.. FOR UBA, i hear they charge a bit more so I dint even go there.. My friend works at GTB and he said they charge 315-1$ compared to uba's 357-$1

      Prof my mail is [email protected]. should there be anything i can do.. Or do i need to gotto gtb for them to help adjust something on my card before I can use it? please m so bulked here and I need to buy before stock runs out

  2. I won't say those complaining are lying about the problem they're facing. The truth behind the matter is that Naija dealers have tampered with the phone packages. They changed the chargers and remove the xpen that comes with the phone. Some even go to the extent of replacing the follow come leather pouch with another one. Some buyers have actually not seen the phone's unboxing to know their rights before purchasing the phone.

    • I support what you said am also a victim Nigeria is just whacked, no xpen noting i only saw a charger and one fake earpiece its so annoying what this country is turning into

  3. Am having issues with my gallery. I've not used the phone for up to a week. My gallery is not showing almost all my pictures especially those in the memory card. And also the 100% data bonus didn't work on my phone.


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