Benin Republic Seized Glo Operating Lincence and Ordered them to Leave

While we are still waiting for the official announcement of who finally won
the bid over 9mobile, Glo has been ordered to leave Benin Republic.

Leading Nigerian telecommunications firm,
Globacom, has lost its operating license in the Republic of Benin.
This followed the refusal of the country’s
authorities to renew the license of the Nigerian company after it expired. It was gathered that the country’s regulatory
agency, ARCEP-Benin, gave new conditions to Globacom, but the firm refused to accept
This, according to Reuters, forced Benin’s
telecommunications regulator to withdrawn Glo’s operating licence.The regulator said it had, therefore, directed Glo to stop the sale of new
SIM cards and recharge cards.

Glo is required to notify its subscribers of the impending cessation of its
activities and ask them to use up their available airtime and data within 30
days of the notification sent to them, according to the regulator.

“Glo Mobile will also have to maintain its passive co-location infrastructure
with other operators for a period of three months,” ARCEP stated.

In September 2017, negotiations between Glo and the new administration

Glo has been operating in Benin since August 2007 and has grown its market
share to about 12% over the 11 years period.

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18 thoughts on “Benin Republic Seized Glo Operating Lincence and Ordered them to Leave”

  1. Small Benin republic has shown us that telecom outfits aren't indispensable. Nigeria ought to have revoked MTN's Operating Licence when the company manipulated the call data records of dirty-looking, semi-literate, extremely corrupt (IN)Justice Ayo Salami, Bola Tinubu, other chieftains of defunct Action Congress of Nigeria and the party's legal representatives in order to hide their conversations during the pendency of the Ekiti and Osun Appeals which were procured from the useless Salami. Nigeria missed another chance to put MTN in its place after Buhari's CoS (Abba Kyari) collected a bribe of N500m to slap MTN on the wrist when it flouted SIM registration legislation. The way we are running our affairs, Nigeria can never make progress.

  2. No situations here as above written showns but unsettle and unagreeable conditions or deals btw the country n glo that had to make Benin a treat to this service provider. Nigeria here needs to embrace same strategy for her betterment

  3. Am so happy that they dismissed them those people r cheats..I hope sumtin will happen to mtn in Nigeria soon…we are just enduring n nt enjoying them…we need change in Nigeria
    Enough is enough


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