How Often do You Replace Your Smartphone?

With all of these cool smartphones being released every
month, sticking with a specific model for a long time seems a really hard thing
to achieve. Personally, I change phones based on how they come and find it
difficult to stick to a particular model for a year. 

Unfortunately for me, this
Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 back up phone has stayed with me for upto 20 months, with
shattered, battered and clustered screen yet still working perfectly.
And again, we are tempted to ask, how often do you replace
your smartphone? Are you the type that resides on the cutting edge of mobile
technology or are you content to use a phone for at least a few years before
upgrading? Perhaps you’re accident-prone and find yourself buying a new
smartphone more often than you’d like?
How long have you been using your smartphone? Whatever the
case, feel free to share your preference in the comments section below!
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24 thoughts on “How Often do You Replace Your Smartphone?”

  1. Mehn this is a hard one o… but i don't really change phones easily only if it gets stolen or damaged… but i wish i have to funds for steady switching tho


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