Android 8 Oreo Now Available for Infinix Note 4 – Here is How to Upgrade Your Device

Android O has finally rolled out to all Infinix Note 4 as
promised; the update was announced just a week ago. According to the info, Note
4, Note 4 Pro and Zero 5 will receive Android 8 oreo OTA update, but infinix Note 4 couldn’t wait for that date to come before the roll out.
A lot of users have already receive the updates on their
Note 4, some have installed it while some are yet to install it. Note that there
is bound to be a bug at first installation of this update but Infinix will
possibly roll out a system update to fix the bug.
Like I said earlier, before you update;
>>Make sure your device is not rooted otherwise it
will get bricked
>>make sure you have a back up of your current
firmware should in case the need arise to downgrade your device if the update
contains bugs
>>Ensure you phone batter is atleast 95% charged
>>You need upto 2GB to download the update
How to install the Infinix Note 4 Android 8.0 OTA update?
>>Go to settings>>About >>System, update
and search for an update. If an update is available,
>>Click on download and install 
>>Once download is complete, restart your device &
>>Wait for your device to boot into recovery mode and
install the update. Do not interrupt the installation process.
>>Once the update is complete, your Infinix Note 4
X572 will reboot and you’ll have Android 8.1.0 oreo running on your device with the latest version of XOS.
And if you’ve installed the Android Oreo update on your Note
4, please kindly let us if there is any bug you encounter  while we await a possible system fix to be
rolled out by Infinix in the coming weeks.

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34 thoughts on “Android 8 Oreo Now Available for Infinix Note 4 – Here is How to Upgrade Your Device”

  1. I updated my infinix note 4 to Oreo this morning. The performance have been good thus far with a couple of bugs. Lost some apps like Fingerprints, Dialer and default music app. The bugs are much but manageable. I hope they bring a bug fix update soon.

  2. Am using note4 pro but didn't receive update…I went to system update it WS showing am updated version…but my device is in 7.0Nougat. …any help pls contact on what's app 08178438076

  3. I recently got my phone and have tried updating by OTA but its telling me that i already have the latest update.
    Im using the Note 4 (X572 ) running android 7.0. Any help on how to update it to 8.1.0?
    Text or call me 09053333587

  4. As at 26 May 2018, I have still not received my oreo update for my infinix note 4 and I’m wondering what is wrong with my device.


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