Swift Networks Launches Free Internet Browsing Called Red Cheetah

Nigerian broadband service provider Swift Networks has
launched Red Cheetah, a free broadband Wi-Fi service, in Lagos and subsequently
plans to expand across Nigeria and Africa.

According to the company, they’ve been working on Red cheetah
for the past 2 years and now, it’s ready for the public. To be able to offer
this service free of charge, Swift Networks is partnering with brands to serve
ads to users on the Red Cheetah platform. This means that to keep browsing
free, users are obliged to watch ads during their session.
Swift network free broadband services
Red Cheetah Data Cap
You can register as much devices daily. Each device comes
with a data cap of 1GB daily. The idea behind Red Cheetah is to make it
unlimited and since this is the first time for Swift Network offering this
services, it will take some time for it to be unlimited.
Availability & Accessibility
Red cheetah is currently available in about 500 locations (500 buses, 50 restaurant and 2 malls) that
include public spots, BRT buses and taxis; hope to be available in 10,000
locations within Lagos state.
Lagos was chosen as a branch test locations and with time it
will be extended to other states.
How Do I Get Access to Free Browsing Services?
Download RED cheetah app from Google Playstore and
register. Windows and iOS version of the app will be available within 3 months.
Note: Browsing can only be accessed in areas where modems
are available.
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