41.3 Million subscribers will soon experience Telecom Blackout in these 9 states

If you are resident in Nasarawa, Benue, Enugu, Anambra, Edo, Ondo, Ekiti, Kwara, Niger , Kogi states and part of Abuja, then you may soon experience Telecommunication blackout.

Telecommunications services in Abuja and nine other states may be disrupted soon.

This followed the forceful shut down of facilities in Kogi State, due to disputes arising from unusual taxes and levies demanded by the state government.

telecommunication blackout

The payments, which are driven by the Kogi State Internal Revenue Service (KIRS), are for the Ministry of Environment and Physical planning, Ministry of Environment and Mineral Resources, and Kogi State Environmental Protection Board.

In the 10 affected states we have over 41.3 million subscribers which will be affected by the telecom blackout. Government, in pursuant of revenues, closed down some critical telecommunications sites belonging to service providers.

The issue started with the closure of three sites by Kogi States Govt, “but as at the weekend, the closure had affected 70 sites while 150 sites were already down as at yesterday.”

The action will jeopardise communication services to security agencies, banks in the affected areas, the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) and other critical agencies of government.

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22 thoughts on “41.3 Million subscribers will soon experience Telecom Blackout in these 9 states”

  1. Haaa, this is bad news,I hope government and all parties concerned could come to a round table and resolve their differences amicably..

  2. This is definitely gonna affect my location when/if it happens. Most of these government taxes are outrageous and tend to cripple businesses

  3. Nawa ooo…this one is really tight o. Can’t they resolve this amicably? This will really have negative effect on the subscribers fa

  4. Nonsense make them blackout naa. Are we not the ppl still paying the tax when all this telecom providers started charging us for some percentage amount on common transfer & credit borrowing who challenge them? they talk as if they are giving us everything for free, if then like make them pack commot another network go come they should stop threating the the poor masses with words and pay what they are ask to pay. They forgot that “what goes around comes around”?

  5. i know that this a threat given to federal govt by the teleco if they fail to come to table with them, telling nigeria govt what to loose …as nigeria didnt have any telecom of dia own…my state will be affected sha but nigeria govt will fear as nnpc uses telecom services as well as banks and other financial institu…


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