You’ve Failed the City! For Wrongly Charging Your Phone

You’ve all failed the battery university community… You’ve been charging your phone battery wrongly. You’ve tactically shown no respect at all to your smartphones battery. Hence, the resultant effect of breaking the battery rules.

You’ve been abusing your battery for a very long time, and now the battery community head have decided to voice out.

Battery Charging

Rule No 1: Never Charge your battery overnight: It’s unwise to keep any phone battery plugged in all night. Long charges always put the battery into a high-stress state and contribute to it becoming worn down in the long run. Any attempt to break this rule will kill your battery life.

Rule No 2: Never Charge your battery up to 100%

Stop charging your batteries from 0 to 100 percent in one sitting. This isn’t as efficient as you may think. Instead, keep your battery life somewhere between 40 percent and 80 percent. This ensures you’ll have enough juice when you need it, but keeps from overheating which can result in a shorter lifespan.

Rule No 3: Charge in short bursts

According to battery university, Don’t let your smartphone battery run all the way down to 1% before you boost its charge all the way back up to reasonable %. Charging any lithium phone battery for a long time can wear it out, meaning you’re best off plugging it in for a few short bursts rather than a long stint.

Rule No 4: Never break rule no 1 & 2

If you break rule no 1 and 2, then your battery is closer to a dead end… an example of a dead end battery is the unconditional swelling of phone battery like a forgotten wedding balloon. If you break the rule, then get ready to face the consequences.

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23 thoughts on “You’ve Failed the City! For Wrongly Charging Your Phone”

  1. All these people bringing up this and that. There was a post where it was adviced to charge once ur battery reaches 70% and now this… Which one we go do sef

  2. Oga prof, all this rules can not be applied to use here ooo
    Nepa give light midnight while am sleeping, so i should wake and be monitoring my phone charging progress ?
    Prof please redefine the rules and do the one that is applicable to Nigerians

  3. am not sure they are talking to u Nigerians, coz there is no way we can follow these rules with our epileptic power supply…abeg dem come off it…i no dey joke dat kind joke…if na play make them stop am our battery must always reach 100% infact if posible we fit reach 200% self rules number one breaked and if no see light and we want chat we go use am reach 0% rules number two breaked and if no light during d day and we av 0% and dre is light in d midnight as usual we go charged reach 100% rules three breaked…how we want do am?


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