It is Embarrassing to be using iPhones

I’ve been expecting something like this to happen because I know China will definitely show supports for Huawei.

According to reports from China Morning Post following a US crackdown on Huawei technology trade in China which resulted into Huawei being delisted, barred from working with US companies like Google, Microsoft, etc. iPhone users in china are now reacting, switching their iPhone devices to Huawei devices.

Smartphone users in China are switching from iPhone to Huawei to show supports for the company. the manager at one of China’s largest solar module switched from iPhone 7 to Huawei P30, and he said

“There is a calling from my heart that I need to show support for Chinese brands, especially in the trade war climate,”

Another ex-iPhone user Sam Lee who works at a state-owned telecom company switched from iPhone to Huawei and he said

“It’s kind of embarrassing to pull an iPhone out of your pocket nowadays when all the company executives use Huawei.”

Chinese consumers’ love for Huawei can only increase because of the ban,” said another user in China. Apple is gradually losing the market in china to Huawei and other Chinese smartphone makers.

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26 thoughts on “It is Embarrassing to be using iPhones”

  1. I heard that Huawei will soon launch their own Os. So we are expecting another Os different from Android and iPhone. They called it future generation technology. Le concours vient de commencer

  2. Personal I. Never saw anything spectacular about iPhone. I have used it in many form. But I still prefer my android.. Personal view though

  3. My Iphone 6S can still outperform many androids phones of today. Iphone is superior. Sentiments asides, not many andriod phones can last as long as iPhone without developing one fault or the other

  4. All the people calling iPhone a scam you are so wrong (FYI I have used the two iOS and android) and from my experience iOS has a more fluid operating system than android with a better UI. The cost of an iPhone goes more into the development of the OS and not necessarily the hardware that is why one could say an iPhone is more expensive than a huawei phone with better hardware specs. Most apps work better on an iPhone ……haven’t you wondered why most apps are launched on iOS before android? IOS get the beta before android….why is that? But everyone has his or her preference …….choose the one that works best for you based on your needs but don’t say one is overrated cos it doesn’t serve ur needs. Just my lil’ thots

  5. The Gospel truth is that iphone is just overrated especially here in Nigeria, because most celebrities use the device doesn’t make it the best, I have read an article that said that most Americans prefer the Huawei products.. because it gives them value for the money spent… If they feel they are the best why are they blocking Huawei from operating in US . Android is Freedom!

  6. To be candid here what business does IOS(iPhone) have with Huawei they should focus back on Google after all without Android Google platform maybe there wouldn’t have been any high spec PHONES like Huawei p30 this fight is not between iPhone and Huawei but between Huawei and the American government. So if u r praising Huawei know that without Google Android operating system platform given to them it might not have been possible for to go far

  7. @demica you haven’t used a good android phone that’s why if you have time just browse through those China market and see gadgets not phones… I swear if you see iPhone again you will kick it…. iPhone is just used to spy on your privacy nothing more than that…the US government just want to use that to be able to spy on ppl’s privacy…. most ppl in US especially the whites don’t use iPhone they prefer andriod…. I still don’t see anything unique that iPhone can do…the highest of their brand is the lowest of andriods brand

  8. Prof no mind them ooO wait make Apple release 2019 iphones na dem go be the first country wey go dey rush to get am, liars kawai.???

  9. A war from the wrong angle, Android and iOS you guys are battling over are both US owned, so it is not even up for debate who is or isn’t better, use something else if you want freedom as Google spies just like Apple, it is a US government thing…

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