Airtel is now the Second Largest Network in Nigeria, Leaves Glo Behind

According to the latest report released by NCC, Airtel is now the second largest Telecom provider in Nigeria, a position Glo occupied for years.

July subscriber data released by the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC), Airtel gained a total of 906,400 customers in July to become second.

Airtel currently has 123,327 subscribers more than Globacom that has occupied the position for years.


In total, there are now 174,668,626 active GSM lines in the country.

In the month under review, MTN gained 1,379 new subscribers with another 118,442 subscribers from Visafone, a CDMA network it acquired.

Globacom gained 118,087 new subscribers to reach a total of 46,713,068 GSM users while 9mobile was the only operator that lost subscribers.

It lost 225,283 subscribers, dropping to 15,739,967 mobile users.

In terms of market share, MTN retains the largest share of the market at 37.43% with Airtel at 26.81%.

Globacom holds 26.74% share of the market while 9mobile holds 9.01%

The total number of subscribers on the two Voice over Internet Protocol networks (VoIP) increased from 165,333 users in June to 172,111 active users in July.

Smile Communications network added 6,543 users to stand at 167,555 customers while Ntel added 235 users to stand at 4,556 subscribers.

Source: theCable

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10 thoughts on “Airtel is now the Second Largest Network in Nigeria, Leaves Glo Behind”

  1. 9mobile is really crawling on its feet. Congrats to Airtel. Let’s just see how long they can maintain the position.
    Happy New month all

  2. Imagine, our own product(Glo) lacking behind, only interested in profit, no real improvement or development. I stopped using their sin after they reversed that one week plan

  3. To my own opinion most people who are using glo network are the people who started from glo and has not use another network . Because if u are using airtel and glo u will hate glo network.

  4. Happy Sunday My Boss, please give us best/cheap data subscription because I’m MTN 1000 4gig just stopped working yesterday they I’m not eligible.


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